Pop on Pop

Do you like to spy on guys?
Public cocks; are they your prize?

When you glance at bears and cubs
Do you get a happy chub?

Sneak a shot; a big stiff cock.
Public naughtiness is hot!

In a shower, in a can
jacking off! You are a fan.

Why not download porny tales
Mine are all about hot males.

You can read them on your phone
and discreetly get a bone.

Getting hard in public's fun
But getting caught should not be done.

I've got tales of fucking hard
Four books full; I'm quite the Bard.

Enjoy dick pics on your phone?
It's okay. You're not alone.

But more discreet are horny tales
That look like lit, so you can't failz!

You should buy my books online.
Every story's mighty fine!

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