Pavel's Problem

Pavel Patel is a famous DJ and sexy fashion icon.

His problem is, he lives in the Ukraine.
Russia just outlawed "gay propaganda" in June.
He in trubbl, gurl.

I blogged about Pavel back in 2011.
But now Russia is quite in the spotlight.

They're hosting the Winter Olympics in Sochi next year.
But their citizens, police, and gangs of thugs are beating up and killing gays.
Their police arrest the gays.
People are boycotting vodka, and want the Olympics moved, or cancelled.
Gay athletes don't.
It's confusing.

They're awful, and Pavel's pretty gay-acting. 
Let's hope he doesn't get in trouble.

But is he gay?
Is he worried?
Does he want to leave Russia?

He's not the most consistent interview. 

But he's certainly pretty.

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