The Daley News: a gay Tom Daley's even more adorable

Tom Daley's dating a guy! I'm so thrilled.

No, really. The cuter-than-cute British Olympic diver posted a video that was a little vague, but he asserted his sort of coming out in his own way, in a five-minute video from his bed.

35 million views later, the global media has to speculate and ankle-bite, because he didn't formally come out the way some other celebrities feel the need to do. Perhaps he'll do some interviews later, but I'm glad that he took it upon himself to casually announce what many have speculated about, and what some already know.

I'm not going focus on the hate tweets, and anti-gay comments, because those are awful people don't deserve to be mentioned. I'll also refrain from posting the many fake nude images of him that I've found, because just him in his Speedo is sexy enough.

Now, when he announces that yes, his gorgeous little butt shoots Rainbow Skittles and his farts smell like candy, I'll be even happier. In the meantime, I'm happy for Tom Daley, and the lucky guy who gets to lick him like a popsicle. Because he's just that delicious.

Okay, just one fake:

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