Isle of Misfit Toys

Greenpeace says that sex toys contain dangerous chemicals! Yeouch! Toxic butt plugs, dangerous dildos, noxious nut bags. Sounds creepy. Guess we ought to stick to the real thing - or fresh produce. I'm going cucumber shopping.

Hopefully, gorgeous muscular slutty Reese (shown here) didn't suffer any anal damage whilst plugging his bootie with these plastic cocks. Maybe he should switch to letting guys fuck him with their dicks. He's sure good at taking these dildos up his firm ass.

Watch the video, in two parts (split, join, yada yada, Rapidshare) Part 1 and Part 2.


DUO Multicultural Arts Center said...

any piece but a green piece....

Tom Bacchus said...

Hehe. Great Blog! I linked ya on mine.