Stall in the Family

Wow, who knew that guys actually masturbate in men's rooms and hot college studs jack off while sitting on public toilets? Alert the media!!

I'm not going to share a thing about my experiences in college toilets. Because of course I've never done such a thing. But I've heard stories.

Well, now, some curious student reporter has exposed the hot piss and cocksucking action going on at USC Trojan men's rooms.

""It's not really about the sex act itself," said a third-year USC graduate student who declined to give his name. "It's more about the fulfilling of a fantasy." The student was talking about "cruising," the practice of men meeting and having anonymous sex in bathrooms or other public places. Cruisers, facilities management employees, law enforcement officials and Web sites dedicated to cruising confirm that multiple bathrooms at USC are consistently used for cruising. One cruising Web site lists 66 cruising locations in Los Angeles - including eight at USC."

Do they wear Trojans? Are they tired of condom jokes? Apparently not enough, since their cub reporter gives a blow by blow description of the hot man on man - and gasp, even heterosexual action - going on in their university loos.

Jeez, is nothing gay sacred?

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