Sportsexy Sunday

I'm not much of a sports fan, unless it's about male soccer players getting their kit ripped off by fans, wrestlers popping boners, French rugby teams posing nude or running around naked and drunk, conducting homoerotic (non-harmful) initiation rituals, or getting arrested for wild sex orgies.

Like Michael Ballack, soccer player supreme with apparently, the biggest balls in the world. Check him out doing some testicle-tugging jumprope:

Or how about this hot teen wrestler caught by a voyeuristic videographer. See the studpup re-inserting his nipple ring after a bout:

Another Bouncing Bulge;
Markus Pöyhönen in a Paris 100-yard dash
(You have to wait til the end for the close-up)

Régis Sigoire & Jérémie Ballais like bathing nude
together in the Stade France 2005 DVD:

Come to think of it, I do like sports!

Some guys just like it for the locker room fun.
But how do they feel about guys getting a boner in the locker room?

Here's a discussion on Flickr about just the subject.

And if they jack off, they might offend some, but they're fighting cancer.
Yup. A new study shows that masturbation prevents prostate cancer.

So, whether you're wet and soapy in the locker room, or elsewhere,
whack it, jack it, and be sure to pop a load of splooge. It's healthy!

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