The sheer variety of self-exposure in online personal ads can sometimes be overwhelming. look by age, weight, height, tastes, but ya still find yourself shopping for more, the next best prodickt.

Sometimes, it can lead to a veritable pornucopia of multimedia, as with Grunting Muscle, aka Muscle Kink, aka MslKnk, aka Eric, aka Mr 2004 Northcoast Leather.
It's not like he's hiding anything behind these IDs. He's quite open and out about his wonderful kinks. Want more photos? Sure ya do.

Wanna see him shoot a cum spritzer? Sure ya do.

Want an entire Yahoo Group of his piss, cum and other
kinky adventures? Sure ya do.Want another? Sure ya do.

You can have pretty much every body part of fluid he's got to offer, but not his heart.
He's got the love of his life.

At the complete opposite end of the spectrum - and the country - is this guy:

On leave and a little fucked in the head looking for smooth bottoms - 26

You must host have roomates in hotel looking for smooth bottoms my age or younger. I want to anger fuck you so long as you know i don't give a fuck about you

Having never been "anger-fucked," I'm curious. Is he mad because he's really hot but has no photography skills? Because his room's a mess? Because he's "on leave" and probably in the military? His Craigslist ad's probably gonna be deleted soon, because there are more than enough New York bottoms looking for just that!

Of course, if you're an allegedly closeted singer like Clay Aiken, you might need an Anger Fuck, but be careful who you hook up with. In the torpid tradition of trick trickery, mlitary hustler John Paulus has allegedly ass-rammed the American Idol Southern Belle. Oh, the betrayal!

Hunt wisely, boys.

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