Dick Flick

Let us now praise Brokeback Mountain for winning four Golden Globe Awards. Let us praise the daring heterosexuals for their portrayal of those sorrowful pitiable homos. Sigh.

Not sure whether I appreciated Dennis Quaid's joke, saying, as he introduced the film clip, that BBM "rhymes with chick flick." Was Dennis ticked off that he didn't get such praise for his portrayal of a closeted gay man in the always amazing Todd Hayne's Far From Heaven? We sure know that Denzel "Don't be kissin' no man" Washington's smug demeanor at announcing BBM's win was not acting.

When isn't a "serious" portrayal of a gay or transgender person not award bait? Oh, perhaps when it's good. Any self-respecting film fan should already appreciate Ang Lee's directorial talents (since way back; Wedding Banquet; sweet). And how can you lose with his plaintive, subtly symbolic and understated style (especially after the inflated Hulk: I ain't criticizing a film with Eric Bana nude scenes; not evah!)

Before this film, I'd never considered Ledger as more than a lanky cutie, another in the Aussie invasion of Hollywood. But what struck me most; after having seen the film twice, was his subtle portrayal of brittle machismo hiding so much pain. Even rewatching the trailer gets me teary-eyed. Last night, after the awards show was over, I popped in a gay porn promo DVD. Twenty minutes of hole-plugging, cocksucking, dick-spitting and other various punching and poking between an array of tattooed, pierced, shaved and singed studs, I got bored. Real bored.

As I lay in bed, wanking off to what I thought were hot images, I couldn't help but recall BBM; the pained, tense look on the face of Ennis Del Mar in that tent as Jack Twist makes his first romantic moves. Heath Ledger's awkward hesitation, his portryal of sheer ineptitude at being affectionate with another man, stirred more erotic feeling than the deepest sexual plunge in the porn DVDs I'd watched.

As I wanked to my solo crescendo, I felt flannel sheets, cold winds outside a tent, and myself as Jack Twist; more assured in seeing the love and lust under the rough exterior of my imaginary Ennis.

Here's a great interview with Heath days before the Golden Globe awards, from the Sydney Star Observer.

Here's an Mp3 of the golden Globe-winning theme song (Thanks to "Peter Parker" for leading me to it via Craigslist.)

UPDATE Jan. 27: Jake, Heath and gal costars of BBM on Oprah. Some funny comments, yet Heath manages another cool quote supporting gay love. Sigh.

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