The Hose Knows

Michael Biserta, the Long Guyland fireman who was part of an innocuous firefighter calendar, but who was then discovered to have also shown off his GARGANTUAN COCK in a clip in the Guys Gone Wild DVD (clip here), which led to a lot of hoopla and the stupid cancellation of future fundraiser calendars, has gone legit.

The amply hosed dude, who despite the controversy, has kept a stiff upper lip, if not a completely stiff HUGE SCHLONG, has a "tasteful" -i.e. no shots of his POOTY-PUNCHIN' PENIS- calendar of his gorgeous self in shirtless and underwear shots. You can see that his WONDERFULLY WIDE WANG can be cozily nestled, innocuously flaccid, in a pair of sexy shorts.

Trey Cruz
has several posts with an interview, pics, and a link to a YouTube clip of the fiery sensation. He's straight (with a HUGE COCK), has a girlfriend (who gets to suck and be fucked by his HUGE COCK), he's a a cool guy (with a HUGE COCK), and he's getting his fifteen inches of fame (because of his HUGE COCK).

A few quotes (frequent typos and punctuation corrected): "Let's be realistic, as a male model you have to know that at least half of your fans will be gay, or bi..and mostly because of all the support I got thru email and myspace when I was going through that hard time. Guys and girls… everyone was awesome and I appreciate everything."

So, he has gay friends, too: "Ummmm, I think so … I don’t think it’s out in the open yet, but we’re all pretty sure of it. He’s a great kid though, and I consider him a great friend." (sweet)

Is more fame in the works? "Hopefully you’ll see me soon in some underwear ads. That’s what I’m looking to get into. (Us, too!) That’s my goal right now. I hope some more people pick up the ODM calendar and suppport me as a model."

It seems sadly doubtful that he'll ever again show off his TERRIFIC TALLYWHACKER and go the porn route, the way others have. Nope, Mikey's a nice guy ... who just happens to have a DELICIOUSLY DAUNTING DONG.

Oh, Mikey wears underwear to bed: "Boxer briefs. I have to be cool when I sleep." (Yes, I do recall the wonderful boyfreind whose dick was so big he had to wear underwear, otherwise it ended up hard and in my mouth.)

Note: that cute little schnoz of his BLOWS the 'Big Nose, Big Hose' theory. And let it be known, the phrase "too big" is not in my vo-cabuh-lary.


yusufyusuf said...

Happy holidays...

Tom Bacchus said...

Oh gosh, I adore Tarkan! Thanks for the heads up.