Olympic Picks!

With only three male athletes among the almost two dozen out GLB (Ts get short shrift in a binary-gender-coded sports event, doncha know) jocks competing at the 30th Olympics in London, why not just focus on the hunks who are gay, or should be?

Matthew Mitcham
! The cutie-pie Aussie diver made history at the Bejing Olympics with a perfect dive, and his boyfriend in the stands!

And while we'll be cheering for this talented and affable little imp, he's more the type of Olympian you can bring home to the parents. What about a hot sultry sexy stud with whom you want to play Olympic cock ring toss?

How about Italian boxer Clemete Russo? While not gay (that we know of, but hey, what hot Italian man isn't a bit bi?), he certainly could punch and poke me! (more pics)

And while the opening ceremonies revealed some handsome smiling faces, the stud of all studs is...

Danell Leyva: the Cuban gymnastic hottie has posed nude for ESPN, and frequently, in his own cell phone pics. Come on, Danny. Show us the gold. We never met a Cuban hottie who didn't have a smokin' cigar.

Danell goes for the gold on his phone.

Danell Nude for ESPN Magazine.

Danell and his magic towel.

Allegedly, Danell has been "sexting women." Yeah, right. He wants to transition to musical theatre, but in the meantime, The Sword points out the obvious; He's Damien Crosse's non-porn doppelganger.

And since the U.K. is far more advanced in LGBT rights than the U.S., it's no surprise, but a welcome giddy moment, that a torch-bearer stopped along his route to smooch his boyfriend! Good on, mates!

And while it's well known that jocks are a horny bunch, hook-up app Grindr's peeps said that the rush of Olympians to London was actually NOT the cause of their recent system crash.

But they're still humping like crazy, no doubt.

And although the Brit men's synch diving duo Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield came in fourth, they're number one in my hot twink diver list! Heck, the Mexicans, Chinese and Americans are pretty hot, too!

Here's Tom and his pals having fun shaking their tightly muscled bodies on the beach:

UPDATE: Rowers get VERY excited over their victory!

This hottie seems very happy to win a medal:

UPDATE: Hugely hung rower did NOT have a boner, he says. Which leads us to believe his cock is even more ginormous.

Dude. Stop complaining. You've got a huge cock. Enjoy it.

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