Jason Stark Naked: an appreciation of the (now MIA) Aussie Dildo King

Like others, you didn't get the name, at first. It was simply a hot hot Aussie jacking off and slipping a dildo up his fine ass.

Then some modeling shots of a bigger, brawnier Jason Stark appeared in some modelly model shoot.

Then he was identified as Jason Stark. that guy who loves dildo play.

He's not to be confused with the not at all interesting new 'straight' porn guy, the other Jason Stark.

I discovered more photos on Man Country that paired up the bigger, hotter, gayer Jason's modeling shots, and cam caps of him enjoying a big dildo up his spread ass. Multiple screencaps confirm it; the big muscle man's a hot bottom.

I misnamed him as Tony in a few downloads, and thought he'd done a few home cam shows as a fun slut.

Holy Colon! I had no idea he has done hundreds of toy-loving jackoff and buttplay sessions on MaleCams (now deleted) and MHcams, a mirror site with the same stuff, but the blue background's nicer (oops; gone, too).