Super Homos

Sometimes, a wrapped present is more exciting before it's opened, especially when it's wrapped in a fun superhero costume. The New York Times reports on the fun club night where gay guys come out of the superhero closet and hang out in spandex. Yum!

The Skin Tight party — in which the costumes range from the familiar (like Spider-Man) to ones that only a comics geek would recognize (like the 1993 version of Superboy) — is one way that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender comic book fans are expressing themselves today. They are coming out, loud and proud, in blogs, peer groups, Web comics and more, simultaneously pronouncing their sexual identity and their devotion to comic books. But it wasn’t that long ago that the environment was less than welcoming for those who wanted to make the two seemingly disparate worlds one.

I won't reveal whether I was at that specific party, but I have been to a few others, and most Halloweens I dress as a superhero and hook up with another guy who gets that it's hotter to keep at least some of your costume on for sex!

Here are some more pics that will hopefully inspire you to unleash your secret superhero homo!

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