Simon Marini: the manly Mutant shows off his X-manhood

Another stud in Mixed Martial Arts has shown off his manly beauty, this time Canadian hunk Simon Marini, aka "The Mutant." Simon has shared his gorgeous muscular body, including his sizable uncut penis and firm man ass, in a series of modeling shoots for Nasty Pig and Jockstrap Central. And here is basically every photo I could find! 

Although he's retired from the ring, he had a good record. His cage rank is HERE, but to us, he's Numero Uno!

This beautiful series of photos shows him in his MMA prime. 
 But now he's a hot muscle daddy! 

First, let's start with the ring pics. He's hot enough merely shirtless in the ring. As this promo clip proves, he was incredibly cute as a youth. 

Now he's a hot zaddy you want to ride like a roller coaster of muscle!

Update March 2019: Simon has caught up with his cult fandom, and now has an OnlyFans account where he gets naked, jacks off and has sex with his hot girlfriend! Whoo-hoo!
He also has a PG-ish Instagram account, and his Twitter account teases the nudie pics and vids.

Even this early clip (one of three; go to YouTube for more) of Simon in the ring might be fappable.

But wait! There's more!

Simon, for some reason to which I shall never question, other than to thank the gods, Simon has chosen to become a sexy underwear and kink gear model.

Let's continue with the jocks stuff and (p)leather gear:

Hot stuff! You can also enjoy Simon's nutritional videos on YouTube where he shares recipes while wearing little more than a jock strap. 

Several other hunks entertain on that channel, but Simon remains our favorite. you can follow him on Instagram and visit his website.

A nice interview with Simon HERE includes some cute questions and replies (his favorite color is purple), but eludes the important queries, such, do you fuck men or women? Does your sperm taste delicious or merely fantastic? May I lick your butt, sir? And, will you please fuck me now and forever?

As winter approaches, those of us in colder climes like to cuddle up by the fire in pajamas, or the trendy-again union suits. Simon looks terrific in discreet grey, but we'd really like to see him in fire engine red. What also gets us hot is seeing his beautiful uncut penis bulging, then popping out of a union suit fly, and his fine ass giving us a peekaboo from the rear. Legs spread for easy access, Simon is all we want for Christmas!

And here are some more hot shots of handsome Simon, with tantalizing close-ups and jock poses. One could beg for more, perhaps an intense video of Simon masturbating, showing his erect cock and his foreskin sliding up and down before he ejaculates a beautiful load of cum. One could wish for a hot sex scene, where Simon gets or gives an intense blow job, or pounds some lucky person's ass, vagina or mouth. We really wouldn't be choosy. He can fuck whomever he wants, as long as we can watch, or perhaps slurp his butt sweat as his gorgeous rump thrusts in and out of his willing partner, then beg for a lick of his spent dripping cock's foreskin.

And yet, these lovely photos retain a classy elegance that should suffice. Erotic and casual, they reveal so much about this handsome man.

Thanks to Simon, Nasty Pig and Jock Strap Central. Christmas has cum early!
Enjoy even more hot pics of Simon and other models at JockStrapCentral,    http://jockstrapcentral.tumblr.com/ and  https://twitter.com/jockstrapguy  

But really. I wanna slurp that man cock forever.

 UPDATE: August 2019!

Simon goes gay-for-pay!

Dreams cum true! Simon, as Markus Kage, did two gay scenes for the new studio Masqulin. Read all about it here. 


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