Snowmagettin' Off!

Snowmageddon is in full force on the East Coast, and here in New York City, it's beautiful and crazy fun. I love the city when it's blanketed in white fluffy snow. 

Forget about the horribly slushy muck it'll become, or that people were shopping in droves, clearing the shelves at Gristede's. It's fun! 

And I'm not alone in being someone who gets an erotic charge out of all the ozone in the air. Yep, the cold makes me hot.

"Chionophile" is the word for people who love cold weather, and animals that thrive in it. Not exactly a fetish term, but let's go with that.

Here are a bunch of hot guys getting naked in the snow! Below that are lots of porn links of gay, straight and bisexy folks gettin' their snowma-get-off action on!

And here are lotsa links to porn clips of people having sex outdoors in the snow!

A short clip of an Out In Public snow blow job and bare fucking.

Another longer gay sucky fucky snow scene.

A MMF bisexy trio sucks and fucks!

This shaved head hunk gets sucked by and fuck a lovely Asian gal.

A guy bangs two chicks in the snow!

Two guys bang one chick in the snow.

A guy and gal fuck against a tree, keeping most of their clothes on.

How about a sleigh ride and a straight cock ride?

Ramon Nomar gets sucked outside, and a hot fourway continues inside, which isn't exactly snow sex, but hey, it's Ramon Nomar!  

Here's one with just Ramon and a gal, really fucking in the snow.

A classic: super studs Steve Hooper (and that bi guy whose name escapes me) snow plow a gal in the snow!

Here's a feature porn of straights banging away outside a ski lodge.
It includes the hot-assed and appropriately named Choky Ice. Here's part 2.

This guy cheats by jacking in his car while watching porn on his phone, but he's nude and hot, so it's okay.

Two skinny guys get it on inside and outside a car in the snow.

Russian snow jacker

And a favorite, this hunky guy jacks off quickly!

Here's another guy who loves jacking off in the snow. His up close cumshot looks delicious!

This Russian guy loves to roll around in the snow and jack off hard and fast!

This old guy makes a naked snow angel!

Snow Holiday, a fun gay feature with snow, but indoor sex.

And one of the best, skiing and sucking and bare fucking on a snowy mountaintop.

Now it's time to curl up by my heater, and swipe for a hot hookup who'll be worth trekking through the snow for some sex, and perhaps some sperm-swapping snowball action.

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