What a Pisser! Will Trump's last stunt whizz out his urinaguration?

What a pisser. Breaking news splashed all over headlines and thirsty social media as Donald Trump's alleged blackmail videotape of him getting pissed on by Russian prostitutes could be the last fall this Humpty Drumpfty can take.

Leave it to the king of the golden throne, spray-paint yellow of whatever, to almost tarnish one of my favorites fetishes, of which there are many; pissing.

Consensual, between guys, after a few beers, preferably spewed over a bulldozer truck tire, and then whatever else may hap.

Usually, it's a bit more formalized in a sex club as a piss place, so maybe Donny had to do it in a tub. We'll probably see his alleged R. Kelly performance.

In the mean time, count the days until the Urinaguration.

The incriminating document is HERE.

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