Gary Boyd: a really BIG talent!

Ah, Gary Boyd. A size queen's wet dream. such a huge cock just makes your butt moist thinking about it. Howe those bottoms ever managed to get plowed by his gargantuous penis must have required a lot of poppers and lube.

Here is pretty much every image of Gary I could find, plus a short video clip, and links, documenting his goofy sexy hungness. He only made about three filmed loops in the 70s, but his impact is still felt, probably by any guy who got his ass plowed by this behemoth of vintage porno.

His boyish face, his smooth skin, his big muscled butt (which he liked to have licked!) and his almost bashful fucking style belie the fact that he was simply made for porn.

In "Truck Stop" he literally fucks Mike Savage over a barrel.
In "Marine Furlough," it's a hot threeway.
In that other one, he plows a mustached lucky queen on a sofa and in a bed.

And here's a short clip of Gary pounding some guy's ass.

Below is a short montage which includes bits of "Marine Furlough."


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Vint70s-Lvr said...

Ride that big pony!

Bob said...

I went to school with him.
He dated my sister.
Shame he past away from cancer.