Channing Tatum as our Pound Puppy

While looking for some new clips and images and gifs of cutey Channing Tatum as a dancing (and gay) sailor in the new Coen brothers film Hail Caesar, I found some rather amusing gifs and images of The Chanster as a puppy slave, grinding his ass (Unfortunately not at the camera) in a small cameo in the hilarious 2013 stoner apocalypse comedy This is the End

I simply had to investigate the kinky sexual nature of this short portion (spoiler: in the last 15 minute mark) where Channing Tatum, dazed and shocked by the fiery lake of fire that was Los Angeles, has become the willing butt slave of an arrogant jerk, hilariously played by Danny McBride, who leads a pack of cannibalistic Mad Max freaks.

Of course, we've all seen plenty of Channing, from his lithe modeling days for Bruce Weber, to his mega-hit Magic Mike (and its not so mega-hit sequel).

It's of course loosely based on Tatum's real-life teenage days as a stripper. We've seen that. We've also seen his pretty butt in that flick, and elsewhere.

But what's so kinky about Tatum's three-line role in This is the End is how he embodies multiple kinks at once: a Mad Max knee-pad stud, a Mexican lucha libre-masked horn dog, and a puppy fetish style bottom boy to McBride.

That all the celebrities in the film are parodied versions of themselves is quite amusing. It's also quite amusing that Channing Tatum's predicted transformation under the stress of an incendiary End Times world is as the butt bottom of a chronically masturbating heterosexual jerkwad.

It's only in the outtakes that some particularly hot butt-grinding is seen, now in gifs found online. Oh, to be the lucky production assistant who got to see his ass spread wide.

After watching the whole movie (you can see a low-res. bootleg here)  I enjoyed the Chanster's hot scene. I guess I'll have to actually get high and watch it again on DVD, with the deleted shots.

But this is where I have to call out Seth Rogan and crew for being, well, basically chickens. Apparently, huge-dicked animated demons are okay, grisly violence (albeit comic), shouted banter about jizz and cocks and porn are all fine. But Channing Tatum's jock-clad rump is apparently too much to handle.

The fetish of puppy play gets an odd misinterpretation in the raunchy comedy, which is not only funny, but has some great special effects, which include demons with huge erect cocks that they like to use to rape unlikely men like Jonah Hill (Who knew Satan was a chubby chaser?).

Canine feitsh play has become more popular in leather BDSM circles with its full array of masks, costumes, rituals and even pee play (Yes, there's even a bit of that in the movie, but unfortunately not Channing's pee).

This is not to be confused with Furry kink, in which people dress up as furred character animals, and sometimes have sex in them. Rubber tail butt plugs are a mainstay of this fetish.

Here are some more graphic depictions of puppy sex play. You can put the horn-dog pieces together for your own erotic fantasies. 

Masks, as used in Channing's brief scene, are also another fetish where participants can let go of their inhibitions. By pretending to be someone else, or no one else, it's easier to unleash one's inner kinky self. 

Gee, just like, um, Hollywood actors?

Somehow, despite his current private life as a family man, I don't think it would take a world-burning apocalypse to convince Channing Tatum to get this kinky again.

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